Rainbow OMG Weekly Post 5/7/23

Broken Bones and Hearts

Welcome to the first Post of the 23-24 Financial Year. It has been a few weeks since our last email or video due to having break after closing the Market Garden. In the interim Evan broke his Ankle and Jill has been having Heart problems. As stated many times in our previous Post’s Jill and Evan both have very serious health issues that remain ongoing. 

As shown in the photo we used Evan’s broken ankle as a teaching moment for William, who helped Jill make a Comfrey Poultice to apply to the ankle to speed up the healing. The good news is that Evan has healed remarkably quickly so far, this is due to applying our Sunshine Salve multiple times each day to the ankle and foot. Comfrey is also known as “Knit-Bone” due to its well documented healing qualities and is a key ingredient in the our salve.

Jill will continue to make Videos and expand our Supplement range and Evan has switched gears to full-time Gardening although is on light duties due to ankle soreness. 

 This Week’s Available Supplements

Silver Health Range $13.95-$49.95 
Cod Liver Oil & Butter Oil Gel $84.90
Gardenkraut 400g $15 (1-2 Weeks)
Bovine Collagen Powder $10
Clean Sweep $10
Reishi Mushroom Capsules $55 (1-2 Weeks)
Turmeric Capsules $55
Beef Organ Capsules $55 
Green Machine Capsules $55
Sunshine Salve $100

This Week On YouTube

Our latest video is live on YouTube in which Jill discusses what we have been through in the last few weeks.

Product Focus – Turmeric Capsules

Turmeric is an extraordinary plant and is one the most potent herbs in terms of its ability to prevent and even reverse disease. Nutritionally it contains:

  • Vitamin C and B6.
  • Manganese, Potassium, Magnesium and Iron.
  • Cucurmin

The place where Turmeric really shines is in its health benefits due mostly to Cucurmin including:

  • Slowing or preventing blood clots.
  • Reducing Depression symptoms.
  • Very Powerful Anti-Inflammatory in fact one of the most powerful on Earth.
  • Improving and Nourish Skin Health.
  • Scabies Treatment.
  • Treating Arthritis pain.
  • Preventing colds (Corona Viruses).
  • Preventing Cancer.
  • Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  • Assists in Balancing Cholesterol
  • Pain Management

Quantity: 100  Capsules

Ingredients: Organic Turmeric Powder, Nigella Seeds, Black Pepper

Order your Turmeric Capsules today.

We look forward to serving you,

Evan and Jill Young

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