Rainbow OMG Weekly Post 7/6/23

Last Call For Vegetables

With a melancholy heart, I would like to announce that this will be our final week of organic vegetable deliveries. Rainbow OMG will continue as a herbs and supplements business and YouTube channel, however the market garden will soon cease operations.

We have poured absolutely everything we have into setting up a market garden in a region where fresh organic produce was simply not available. We launched the business on a wing and a prayer, knowing full well that it was going to be a challenge to set up such a unique enterprise. The goal was to set up a local business that could help improve the health of people in Rainbow, while allowing us to live a quiet life in a small town. This is a mission based business and was never about making a lot of money. Both Evan and Jill have skills that could earn far more money than an organic market garden in a middle of nowhere could ever provide, we thought this could be a way that we make a positive difference in the world without begging for money as a charity.

Ultimately after 3 years of toil, it is now confirmed and obvious that there is no local demand for what we produce. Rather than continue to argue with reality we have accepted the feedback and will focus our attention on other ventures. 

Jill will continue to make more and more YouTube videos and will expand her range of supplements, dried herbs and other goodies. Evan will continue with the maintenance gardening he is already doing around the region.

The webstore has been populated with all remaining vegetables and this coming Friday will be the last delivery run from Rainbow to Horsham. After that any vegetables stock remaining in the store will be available for local pickup until we are out of stock. If it is listed in webstore then it is still available.

We would like to extend our humblest gratitude to the customers in Rainbow, Jeparit, Dimboola, Nhill, Warracknabeal and Horsham who have supported us over the last few years. A big shout out to Bow Bakery who have been staunch supporters of ours since we launched, without them we would not have made it past our first year.

It has been a wild ride but now it is time to get off.

Evan Young

 This Week’s Available Produce and Supplements

Spinach 200g $10
Carrots 750g $7.50
Celery $7.50
Rainbow Chard $7.50 
Red Russian Kale $7.50
Baby Butterhead Lettuce $5
Juicing Beetroots 1 kg $10
Bok Choi $7.50
Coriander $5
Parsley $5
Silver Health Range $13.95-$49.95 
Cod Liver Oil & Butter Oil Gel $84.90
Bovine Collagen Powder $10
Clean Sweep $10
Reishi Mushroom Capsules $55
Turmeric Capsules $55
Beef Organ Capsules $55 
Green Machine Capsules $55
Sunshine Salve $100

Notes From The Garden

It is pouring with rain as I type and the ground is wet. We have planted our years worth of onions and garlic and now have a mixed bag of remaining vegetables for sale and our family.

Some of our products may be a little different to what customers are used to so we will be providing Product Profiles in our Weekly Post and in a dedicated page on our website. This will provide recipe ideas and nutritional information for all of the vegetables and products we offer.

Product Focus: Bok Choi

Bok Choi also known as Asian Greens are from the Brassica family of vegetable which also include Broccoli, Cabbage, Mustard etc. Our Bok Choi’s are much larger than those normally available in stores. The white stems are crisp and sweet and the greens have a mild, peppery flavour, Bok Choi grows year round in our climate so should form a staple of a seasonal, local diet.

They are yet another nutritional powerhouse containing:

  • Vitamins A, K, C and B6.
  • Folate, Calcium, Manganese, Potassium, Magnesium and Iron.
  • Assists in prevention and treatment of Cancer due as they contain glucosinolates which are sulfur-containing chemicals that when digested create other compounds such as  indole, nitrile and sulforaphane which are proven to prevent and treat cancer. Yes there are other ways to treat cancer than chemotherapy.
  • Low in Calories.
  • Great for Heart Health, Bone Density, Eyesight, Skin and Hair Health and Boosting Immunity.
  • Assists healthy pregnancy due to high levels of Folate

Here are some ideas to get more Bok Choi into your diet:

  • Use in Stir Fry, Curry or Miso Soup
  • Use in place of Broccoli when out of season. Bok Choi grows year round, Broccoli only grows in the cooler months in our climate
  • Shred into Coleslaw
  • Combine with Sugar Snap Peas or Green Beans as a low carb rice or noodle alternative
  • Make your own ferments such as Kimchi

Order your Bok Choi today.

All items listed for $7.50 are available at a discount of 3 for $20 when paying with cash or Bitcoin i.e. 1 x Rainbow Chard, 1 x Capsicum and 1 x Carrots = $20.

Please head to www.rainbowomg.com to finalise your orders by 5:00 am Friday morning. All orders will be delivered from 1:00 pm Friday starting in Rainbow. 

We look forward to serving you on Friday and beyond,

Evan and Jill Young

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