Rainbow OMG Weekly Post 31/5/23

Musical Therapy

We have just returned from a blissful weekend of music, great food, generous hospitality and re-affirmation of kinship’s built over years of toil as a struggling musician.  

On Saturday night Evan was able to attend his first full band gig of the The Go Set  since joining the band in 2009 and it was so great to see them in full force. Sunday afternoon was a more gentle acoustic session the Nelson Hotel, Evan’s favourite venue to play at without exception. With the full time bass player unable to play Evan stepped back in on bass, even playing three new songs he had never attempted before. Both William and Amber loved seeing their Daddy play live and we are keen to share a lot more music with our children.

After inspecting the farm on return we have decided another week of rest is better for our crops so will not be offering any veggies this week. All supplements are still available and can be posted worldwide.

We thank you for your support and look forward to returning next week.

Evan and Jill Young

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