Rainbow Salad



300g Container of Rainbow Salad.

At Rainbow OMG our goal is to make healthy living easy. Life is busy for most people, we get it, we are extremely busy but are doing what we love so we enjoy it. We do however understand that time is the true currency of our world and most people feel they are very short on this precious commodity.

In an attempt to make life easier for all of our customers we are releasing our new product “Rainbow Salad” which is composed of organic, raw, shredded Carrots, Beetroots and Celery. To serve simply serve on top of a leaf of Butterhead Lettuce, drizzle on your favourite dressing then add some protein. Pictured above is Lettuce, Rainbow Salad, Bacon, Haloumi and an Egg. A delicious, nutritious, healthy and low carb meal fit for a king.

Ingredients: Organic Carrots, Organic Beetroots, Organic Celery


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