Organic Beetroot


Bunch of 3 large whole Beetroots. Maybe you only know Beetroots as those vinegary slices in a can yet this red bulb of antioxidant goodness will have an image makeover if you try these options.
  • Grate raw beetroot into your rissoles for a burger with punch
  • Use a mandolin to make fresh beetroot batons and add to coleslaw
  • Beetroot and orange relish is divine
  • Bake a tray of chopped Beetroot to release natural sugars (the skin then slips off easily). Add to your next tossed salad or salad sandwich. It’s delicious!
  • Cube Beetroot and cook on the BBQ with onion rings as a side with your meat
  • Beetroot leaves can be added to tossed salads or shredded into frittatas, quiches or even a bologniase sauce. (Sneaky way to include these leafy greens along with our rainbow chard and spinach into your family diet)


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